Its time for an update!!

Feb 19 2015 we greeted to our family a new Baby Boy – Grayson — We have now grown to 4 in the house!

Not much else to really talk about but here is the list

Ham Radio

No HF just a few local VHF net check ins.

No 10meter beacon on the air.  I have not really had the time to get teh antennas back up and nor have i take the time to get my office/ shack reorganized and power installed to the little space i have in the old utility room ( i did get the wood floors down and redid the shelving and moved all the gear in there !

no new work with aprs either on the truck, suv or the shack but i did spend a little time working on the android to baofeng aprs do dad !!! will revisit back to that later in the month.

Finished up the new baby room about a week before we were greeted with the new one paint floors and furniture.

Scouts soccer and work is what we are doing as of now.

Until the next time I might have more things to publish !

Updates for KJ4VYI December 2014

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Many things have append in 2014 for the home of KJ4VYI.  Took a family vacation to the mountains of North Carolina and had a great time!!  First time for the wife and son.  Soon as we returned we found out we are going to have another family addition.  the end of October we found out we will have another son!! the Lovelace Family has grown to 4.

In preparations for the new little one we have to turn the 3rd bedroom from a hobby room/my “shack” to a new nursery so i have made the move to the old storage closet that about 7×6 room that has the hot water heater and was used for excess storage of camping gear bins of toys and whatnot!

I had redone the storage shelves that were in a large L shape and made a few smaller shelves on the opposite wall and was able to stuff a 4ft desk to house a few computer monitors and the shuttle xpc for logging and cat control of the FT847.  that will soon be redone once again for more ease of use!

I took down the 10 meter beacon until i can move antenna wires ( the attic space and roof line is very low) and i only want to go up there one time and now its into winter time it will be a cooler chore!

I have about 10 weeks to get things sorted out he old room repainted floors laid down and some ikea furniture put together before the new one arrives.

So long for 2014 and revel in the new year will be fun !!

Keep looking for new updates as i will and i promise to update the blog for 2015.

Haven’t been on the air that much in the past 6 months other than local nets and a few rags here and there. I have had just too many projects going on, redoing the ham shack / wife’s craft room / office, there is still just too much stuff for a 12×12 room!!!

I got a kayak for my birthday last December 2013 and was able to make one trip in it with the wife back in early may when my son was at my folks place in Tallahassee. I made one other trip in it last Thursday after work, just a few hours, had a great time.

The current project is redoing an early 1950’s Mastercraft SB100 trailer I think it is a 1951 or 52 with some homemade additions.


Trailer as it was pulled from the woods at the farm.


Got it torn down and removed the fenders ready for sanding off the years of paint and rust.


After rust removal of the springs, axel and stabilizer bars I primed them.


Then I painted them with a satin black paint.



Still have to do the main tube lost of sanding priming and painting and some fab work for the kayak to sit where I want it to sit right. I’m on the fence of building it for 2 kayaks or just one kayak.

Off to paint another coat of satin black!!

Just got the email from the man him self W5JAY – Jay Bromley who did the kit years ago ill be able to get this back in the spotlight and finish the build!!

pdfs of the instructions and build layout


gotta keep them some ware safe!!!



Qrp Kits and Projects

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Came across a few kits I picked up over the last few months and year ago and the qrp bug has hit me again

I will be working on the ft smith sidekick — an RX only kit — kinda on a back burner right now due to the fact that I started this last march and other things got in the way — wow how time runs by — and misplaced the component placement diagram so I’m looking around the house and online — no luck — even emailed the creator — waiting on a response —

Next on the list is the njqrp fireball 40 with the 1.5 watt amp attached — TXCVr — just located the rest of the parts — want to finish that by the end of the month

After that is the ms-30/15 it has a few sm parts I may have to send out and still have to buy some parts

I do have a tuna tin rev-b I may use with the ft smith ill rob the xtals from a nother project that is missing parts ( bought it that way ) just for the parts

Also figure out the ot3m I have in the truck that is freaking out

Projects projects projects — not enough time

Well tomorrow morning will be driving up to the Milton arc Tailgator info

Have a bin full of items to sell
Htx-10 had plan to use it as a beacon but got the twofer for 10 meters
Kantronics KPC-3 tnc — came with a few other items from a ham — played with it it works but dont really have a use for it — maybe another local might have a better use for it — to many options for me at this time !! And I don’t think that there is as many aprs users around here
Linksys wmls11b — wifi radio — was planning to put this into an old tube radio cabinet I have and do a retro oldskool newskool wifi upgrade to it — just don’t want to fool with it nor have the extra time to start another project
An old MFJ shortwave kit radio — picked up some broadcast signals had a good time with it but that’s about it — it was fun but now I have a better transceiver and antenna I have a better chance of world wide communications !!
SWL rockmite 40 — I enjoy it it’s cool but just don’t really use it that much — if it doesn’t sell I’ll post it up on the qrpl reflector
Blt antenna tuner – bout the same as the SWL Rockmite
Radio shack pro 2021 scanner — can do all the things on my base transceiver and it just takes up room — let someone else have fun with it !
Old table top tube radio — don’t know if it really works or not could be used for a show piece or for parts
Cables and connectors
Old heathkit grid dip meter and a antenna analyzer — some one needs these for just the collection/collector!
I think that about it for my haul — hope to collect some cash for a mobile 2/440 rig for the truck or something cool I can’t do with out


Will post pics of the happenings and will be looking forward to the hamfest with in the next few months

All for now

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Interesting vertical antenna

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Very interesting very antenna here at K8GU homebrew vert antenna
Will have to spend some time collecting parts for this project — would like to take this for the Easter weekend but I dunno if it will happen or not !! I will take the telescope for viewing the stars and hope to have the time to do a little qrp on the RM40 will do something !

Here are a few pics of some of the projects I have been working on! Most of them keyers an antenna analyzer and a beacon controller I want to do a alt-Blt tuner but I have to get one of the older kits.


I have also built the qrp kits TWOFER PLUS 10M for my low power beacon — it’s a little chirpy so I’ll have to work on it a little. It’s going strong at about a watt of power on 28.378.3 +- a few kHz


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I have the htx-10 in the shack and have been testing it out for the new beacon. I have abandoned the jtech pager as it seems to have some issues with the final. Now to build the ham gadgets beacon controller get it programmed and interface it to the htx-10


Scratching this project the HTX-10 is not a very good performer for the beacon project — there is not a real good way to interface the the beacon controller – the HTX-100 is a lot better radio for this — which I will have to procure or go another route!!


Look for updates soon for the update on this that involves the Hendricks QRP kit Twofer 10 meter kit !!

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Been busy some radio time

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Been busy with way to many things haven’t really been on the radio much in the past few weeks except a few lazy Saturday afternoons. Worked mostly 10 meters and have been racking up contacts — here is the list from about two weeks ago

It’s all over the place from Australia to Poland to Brazil to Japan it’s been awesome to make these contacts barefoot 100 watts into a solarcon a99 vert antenna

Also just a bit more free time last Friday I took the day off to work around in the new addition I finished up installing all the insulation and got a few minutes to get the old jpole 2 meter antenna back up in the air for local repeater work so no more dinky mag mount hanging out the window with tons of rfi — it’s nice clean 20 ft up in the air of rf radiating to the local repeaters!! No I need to get the 440 band working and a 50 MHz antenna up and I’ll be golden!!

All for now back to the web looking and working for something good!!