Shortwave weekend

Posted: December 6, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Was a pretty cool weekend got my mfj8100 in on Saturday was a kit someone had built was all complete added a battery and was listening to some shortwave broadcast and ham bands on the 80 and 40 meterbands — was very very busy some contest was going on Saturday. Used a simple random wire antenna about 40 feet long.
After listening for a few hours I wanted to see how off the freq was — I don’t know if the method I used was very good or not but this is what I did.
I went to www pulled up WB4MAK out of Atlanta Georgia and found (by listening to the cq call sign (of someone ne’er me ) looked up the call sign on qrz)) and matching the freq from the list on websdr then using the calibration cap and make the adjustment — I don’t have any other test gear qt this time !! It seemed easy to do but it failed now I had to start over!
Looking at the manual you can dial in the wwv beat and adjust the cap but I don’t know if that is correct either I think I found it but the rest of the 40/80 seems to be shifted. I’ll continue to tinker with it


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