10 Meter Beacon

Posted: July 28, 2011 in Uncategorized
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wanted to show off the 10 meter beacon project I have been working on — the close up of the JTECH 27MHz to be converted to 10 meters in the case and the photo of the beacon in case with fan on the top half of the case.

Background info on the Jtech bought the board from Robert N1NTE about 2 months ago and it sat on the shelf for a few weeks — already had a case from some manufacture ( was a sample product from a us manufacture ( was one of there 2nds — screws don’t really work all that great but it is all aluminum )).  did a little background info on the board and it seems that it will be a simple conversion to 10 meters.  I have found the crystal from ICM will be about 30 bucks but im stuck on what cw beacon controller i want to go with — there are many to choose from — the freakinbeacon looks to be the front runner at 30 bucks also — will need to figure out the power supply hook up a few switches and led’s tune it up and will be on the air!!

So for a around 70 bucks ( 10 for the JTECH board) and the freebie case, fan, led’s and switches I should have about 2 watts on 28.2783

from the 10 meter beacon list

28.2783 KJ4VYI PENSACOLA, FLORIDA 2W, VERTICAL planned/testing 24 June 2011


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