Update To An Old Post

Posted: July 29, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Original post here for the quest to find a HF rig — and I did !!

I was at the Ft. Walton Ham fest, I first walked in and there was only a few vendors in the main hall I skimmed around saw a few things and then headed out to the 2nd half of the swap.  There were a few things here and there, Picked up a nice DX map of the world a few connector adapters.  I really didn’t see to many things that struck my fancy, some one was selling a few SWL SW20 and SW40 for a 150 bucks ( way over priced ) an Icom 751 that was in need of a good cleaning, heck even a an old Sony BetaMax player ( i probley should have bought it just to have it !!) but i was on a quest.

I had spoke to a few locals then proceeded to head out — one last scan on the vendor tables out front and there she was the Ten Tec Argosy II 525D in real great shape !! I offered a lower price and he took it !! — only thing it did not come with is the mic or the powersupply ( the original ps had an internal circuit breaker ( 10 amps ) and you could pull out on the  AF POWER knob to turn the unit on an off) — not a big problem I already have a powersupply made by mfj and will have to locate a breaker ( model number 1125 ) or if i can find an original powersupply ( model number 225 ) and the hand mic ( model number 700a) or the desk mic ( model number 705a ) both need a 3pin TRS connector with the PTT being the tip , I think Ten Tec still sells the 700 series mic for 40 bucks – will just have to see.

now for the pictures — close up of the 525D and the shelf view


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