New kits and new rig

Posted: September 12, 2011 in Uncategorized
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I’ve sold off the argosy and in the process of buying an Icom ic 735 with ps and multiband antenna got it hooked up on the dipole and the 10 meter vert hope I can make the 20:30 tonight on 28.375 will be my first attempt on 10 meters to make any contact

As for kits I have just got the norcal keyer or the 10 meter beacon and the crystal ( free sample from one of the major crystal mfg in the us) the norcal has a date of 93 when the kit came out — will be fun finishing this project — pics to follow in the next post

The next kit is the tenna dipper from kd1jv it’s from the 94 year mark I think !! Will be used out in the field and in te shack when I have to give the mfj antenna analyzer back ( I know it’s not a full blown ant analyzer but if I can save a few buck and have fun with a kit )

The final kit will be a rockmite 40 really want this to show up and really want to get this going so when I’m out of town I can have a little fun!!

Next on the list is a par end fed antenna — I’ll have to find a few extra pennies in the couch to buy this

Till next post plenty of pics and projects!!



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