Qrp Kits and Projects

Posted: October 14, 2013 in Uncategorized

Came across a few kits I picked up over the last few months and year ago and the qrp bug has hit me again

I will be working on the ft smith sidekick — an RX only kit — kinda on a back burner right now due to the fact that I started this last march and other things got in the way — wow how time runs by — and misplaced the component placement diagram so I’m looking around the house and online — no luck — even emailed the creator — waiting on a response —

Next on the list is the njqrp fireball 40 with the 1.5 watt amp attached — TXCVr — just located the rest of the parts — want to finish that by the end of the month

After that is the ms-30/15 it has a few sm parts I may have to send out and still have to buy some parts

I do have a tuna tin rev-b I may use with the ft smith ill rob the xtals from a nother project that is missing parts ( bought it that way ) just for the parts

Also figure out the ot3m I have in the truck that is freaking out

Projects projects projects — not enough time


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