Updates for KJ4VYI December 2014

Posted: December 25, 2014 in Uncategorized

Many things have append in 2014 for the home of KJ4VYI.  Took a family vacation to the mountains of North Carolina and had a great time!!  First time for the wife and son.  Soon as we returned we found out we are going to have another family addition.  the end of October we found out we will have another son!! the Lovelace Family has grown to 4.

In preparations for the new little one we have to turn the 3rd bedroom from a hobby room/my “shack” to a new nursery so i have made the move to the old storage closet that about 7×6 room that has the hot water heater and was used for excess storage of camping gear bins of toys and whatnot!

I had redone the storage shelves that were in a large L shape and made a few smaller shelves on the opposite wall and was able to stuff a 4ft desk to house a few computer monitors and the shuttle xpc for logging and cat control of the FT847.  that will soon be redone once again for more ease of use!

I took down the 10 meter beacon until i can move antenna wires ( the attic space and roof line is very low) and i only want to go up there one time and now its into winter time it will be a cooler chore!

I have about 10 weeks to get things sorted out he old room repainted floors laid down and some ikea furniture put together before the new one arrives.

So long for 2014 and revel in the new year will be fun !!

Keep looking for new updates as i will and i promise to update the blog for 2015.


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