It’s March 2015 Time For An Update

Posted: March 20, 2015 in Uncategorized

Its time for an update!!

Feb 19 2015 we greeted to our family a new Baby Boy – Grayson — We have now grown to 4 in the house!

Not much else to really talk about but here is the list

Ham Radio

No HF just a few local VHF net check ins.

No 10meter beacon on the air.  I have not really had the time to get teh antennas back up and nor have i take the time to get my office/ shack reorganized and power installed to the little space i have in the old utility room ( i did get the wood floors down and redid the shelving and moved all the gear in there !

no new work with aprs either on the truck, suv or the shack but i did spend a little time working on the android to baofeng aprs do dad !!! will revisit back to that later in the month.

Finished up the new baby room about a week before we were greeted with the new one paint floors and furniture.

Scouts soccer and work is what we are doing as of now.

Until the next time I might have more things to publish !


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