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New Projects To Begin

Posted: November 23, 2011 in Uncategorized
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I have the htx-10 in the shack and have been testing it out for the new beacon. I have abandoned the jtech pager as it seems to have some issues with the final. Now to build the ham gadgets beacon controller get it programmed and interface it to the htx-10


Scratching this project the HTX-10 is not a very good performer for the beacon project — there is not a real good way to interface the the beacon controller – the HTX-100 is a lot better radio for this — which I will have to procure or go another route!!


Look for updates soon for the update on this that involves the Hendricks QRP kit Twofer 10 meter kit !!


Been busy some radio time

Posted: November 7, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Been busy with way to many things haven’t really been on the radio much in the past few weeks except a few lazy Saturday afternoons. Worked mostly 10 meters and have been racking up contacts — here is the list from about two weeks ago

It’s all over the place from Australia to Poland to Brazil to Japan it’s been awesome to make these contacts barefoot 100 watts into a solarcon a99 vert antenna

Also just a bit more free time last Friday I took the day off to work around in the new addition I finished up installing all the insulation and got a few minutes to get the old jpole 2 meter antenna back up in the air for local repeater work so no more dinky mag mount hanging out the window with tons of rfi — it’s nice clean 20 ft up in the air of rf radiating to the local repeaters!! No I need to get the 440 band working and a 50 MHz antenna up and I’ll be golden!!

All for now back to the web looking and working for something good!!



New kits and new rig

Posted: September 12, 2011 in Uncategorized
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I’ve sold off the argosy and in the process of buying an Icom ic 735 with ps and multiband antenna got it hooked up on the dipole and the 10 meter vert hope I can make the 20:30 tonight on 28.375 will be my first attempt on 10 meters to make any contact

As for kits I have just got the norcal keyer or the 10 meter beacon and the crystal ( free sample from one of the major crystal mfg in the us) the norcal has a date of 93 when the kit came out — will be fun finishing this project — pics to follow in the next post

The next kit is the tenna dipper from kd1jv it’s from the 94 year mark I think !! Will be used out in the field and in te shack when I have to give the mfj antenna analyzer back ( I know it’s not a full blown ant analyzer but if I can save a few buck and have fun with a kit )

The final kit will be a rockmite 40 really want this to show up and really want to get this going so when I’m out of town I can have a little fun!!

Next on the list is a par end fed antenna — I’ll have to find a few extra pennies in the couch to buy this

Till next post plenty of pics and projects!!


Built Icom CI-V home brew

Posted: September 3, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Scowering the web for diagrams for the CI-V I found G3VGR digram rummaged through the parts bin — couldn’t find my 2n222a but did find some 2n4401 wired it up now just find that old laptop or desktop that has a serial port or my USB to serial connector

Took about an hour to build had the btx brand maxblock modular d9 connector ( no soldering to the pins half of a proto board some rat shack resistors the cap diodes and the mono 1/8″ jack from an old ir extender and some heat shrink tubing ( didn’t want to put it into a box ) and she is ready !!

Photos below



Just a little keyer

Posted: September 2, 2011 in Uncategorized
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A while back I got a norcal 38 special — haven’t really been in the mood to work on it — I think the main chip may be bad no socket to pull the chip so I’m gonna have to use some de-solder braid to take it out. But it did come with a keyer chip — like the the ones ou can get from kanga I think it’s a tick2 was hoping it was a tick4 or the variation to the tick2 ( hoping it had the beacon mode but it does not!!)
But at any route I did look at the diagram and built it on some perf board and put in an altoids tin — my first altoids project!
Hope you enjoy the photos


Update To An Old Post

Posted: July 29, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Original post here for the quest to find a HF rig — and I did !!

I was at the Ft. Walton Ham fest, I first walked in and there was only a few vendors in the main hall I skimmed around saw a few things and then headed out to the 2nd half of the swap.  There were a few things here and there, Picked up a nice DX map of the world a few connector adapters.  I really didn’t see to many things that struck my fancy, some one was selling a few SWL SW20 and SW40 for a 150 bucks ( way over priced ) an Icom 751 that was in need of a good cleaning, heck even a an old Sony BetaMax player ( i probley should have bought it just to have it !!) but i was on a quest.

I had spoke to a few locals then proceeded to head out — one last scan on the vendor tables out front and there she was the Ten Tec Argosy II 525D in real great shape !! I offered a lower price and he took it !! — only thing it did not come with is the mic or the powersupply ( the original ps had an internal circuit breaker ( 10 amps ) and you could pull out on the  AF POWER knob to turn the unit on an off) — not a big problem I already have a powersupply made by mfj and will have to locate a breaker ( model number 1125 ) or if i can find an original powersupply ( model number 225 ) and the hand mic ( model number 700a) or the desk mic ( model number 705a ) both need a 3pin TRS connector with the PTT being the tip , I think Ten Tec still sells the 700 series mic for 40 bucks – will just have to see.

now for the pictures — close up of the 525D and the shelf view

wanted to show off the 10 meter beacon project I have been working on — the close up of the JTECH 27MHz to be converted to 10 meters in the case and the photo of the beacon in case with fan on the top half of the case.

Background info on the Jtech bought the board from Robert N1NTE about 2 months ago and it sat on the shelf for a few weeks — already had a case from some manufacture ( was a sample product from a us manufacture ( was one of there 2nds — screws don’t really work all that great but it is all aluminum )).  did a little background info on the board and it seems that it will be a simple conversion to 10 meters.  I have found the crystal from ICM will be about 30 bucks but im stuck on what cw beacon controller i want to go with — there are many to choose from — the freakinbeacon looks to be the front runner at 30 bucks also — will need to figure out the power supply hook up a few switches and led’s tune it up and will be on the air!!

So for a around 70 bucks ( 10 for the JTECH board) and the freebie case, fan, led’s and switches I should have about 2 watts on 28.2783

from the 10 meter beacon list

28.2783 KJ4VYI PENSACOLA, FLORIDA 2W, VERTICAL planned/testing 24 June 2011