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Well tomorrow morning will be driving up to the Milton arc Tailgator info

Have a bin full of items to sell
Htx-10 had plan to use it as a beacon but got the twofer for 10 meters
Kantronics KPC-3 tnc — came with a few other items from a ham — played with it it works but dont really have a use for it — maybe another local might have a better use for it — to many options for me at this time !! And I don’t think that there is as many aprs users around here
Linksys wmls11b — wifi radio — was planning to put this into an old tube radio cabinet I have and do a retro oldskool newskool wifi upgrade to it — just don’t want to fool with it nor have the extra time to start another project
An old MFJ shortwave kit radio — picked up some broadcast signals had a good time with it but that’s about it — it was fun but now I have a better transceiver and antenna I have a better chance of world wide communications !!
SWL rockmite 40 — I enjoy it it’s cool but just don’t really use it that much — if it doesn’t sell I’ll post it up on the qrpl reflector
Blt antenna tuner – bout the same as the SWL Rockmite
Radio shack pro 2021 scanner — can do all the things on my base transceiver and it just takes up room — let someone else have fun with it !
Old table top tube radio — don’t know if it really works or not could be used for a show piece or for parts
Cables and connectors
Old heathkit grid dip meter and a antenna analyzer — some one needs these for just the collection/collector!
I think that about it for my haul — hope to collect some cash for a mobile 2/440 rig for the truck or something cool I can’t do with out


Will post pics of the happenings and will be looking forward to the hamfest with in the next few months

All for now