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Haven’t been on the air that much in the past 6 months other than local nets and a few rags here and there. I have had just too many projects going on, redoing the ham shack / wife’s craft room / office, there is still just too much stuff for a 12×12 room!!!

I got a kayak for my birthday last December 2013 and was able to make one trip in it with the wife back in early may when my son was at my folks place in Tallahassee. I made one other trip in it last Thursday after work, just a few hours, had a great time.

The current project is redoing an early 1950’s Mastercraft SB100 trailer I think it is a 1951 or 52 with some homemade additions.


Trailer as it was pulled from the woods at the farm.


Got it torn down and removed the fenders ready for sanding off the years of paint and rust.


After rust removal of the springs, axel and stabilizer bars I primed them.


Then I painted them with a satin black paint.



Still have to do the main tube lost of sanding priming and painting and some fab work for the kayak to sit where I want it to sit right. I’m on the fence of building it for 2 kayaks or just one kayak.

Off to paint another coat of satin black!!