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Just got the email from the man him self W5JAY – Jay Bromley who did the kit years ago ill be able to get this back in the spotlight and finish the build!!

pdfs of the instructions and build layout


gotta keep them some ware safe!!!




Well tomorrow morning will be driving up to the Milton arc Tailgator info

Have a bin full of items to sell
Htx-10 had plan to use it as a beacon but got the twofer for 10 meters
Kantronics KPC-3 tnc — came with a few other items from a ham — played with it it works but dont really have a use for it — maybe another local might have a better use for it — to many options for me at this time !! And I don’t think that there is as many aprs users around here
Linksys wmls11b — wifi radio — was planning to put this into an old tube radio cabinet I have and do a retro oldskool newskool wifi upgrade to it — just don’t want to fool with it nor have the extra time to start another project
An old MFJ shortwave kit radio — picked up some broadcast signals had a good time with it but that’s about it — it was fun but now I have a better transceiver and antenna I have a better chance of world wide communications !!
SWL rockmite 40 — I enjoy it it’s cool but just don’t really use it that much — if it doesn’t sell I’ll post it up on the qrpl reflector
Blt antenna tuner – bout the same as the SWL Rockmite
Radio shack pro 2021 scanner — can do all the things on my base transceiver and it just takes up room — let someone else have fun with it !
Old table top tube radio — don’t know if it really works or not could be used for a show piece or for parts
Cables and connectors
Old heathkit grid dip meter and a antenna analyzer — some one needs these for just the collection/collector!
I think that about it for my haul — hope to collect some cash for a mobile 2/440 rig for the truck or something cool I can’t do with out


Will post pics of the happenings and will be looking forward to the hamfest with in the next few months

All for now

Interesting vertical antenna

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Very interesting very antenna here at K8GU homebrew vert antenna
Will have to spend some time collecting parts for this project — would like to take this for the Easter weekend but I dunno if it will happen or not !! I will take the telescope for viewing the stars and hope to have the time to do a little qrp on the RM40 will do something !

Here are a few pics of some of the projects I have been working on! Most of them keyers an antenna analyzer and a beacon controller I want to do a alt-Blt tuner but I have to get one of the older kits.


I have also built the qrp kits TWOFER PLUS 10M for my low power beacon — it’s a little chirpy so I’ll have to work on it a little. It’s going strong at about a watt of power on 28.378.3 +- a few kHz


New Projects To Begin

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I have the htx-10 in the shack and have been testing it out for the new beacon. I have abandoned the jtech pager as it seems to have some issues with the final. Now to build the ham gadgets beacon controller get it programmed and interface it to the htx-10


Scratching this project the HTX-10 is not a very good performer for the beacon project — there is not a real good way to interface the the beacon controller – the HTX-100 is a lot better radio for this — which I will have to procure or go another route!!


Look for updates soon for the update on this that involves the Hendricks QRP kit Twofer 10 meter kit !!

New kits and new rig

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I’ve sold off the argosy and in the process of buying an Icom ic 735 with ps and multiband antenna got it hooked up on the dipole and the 10 meter vert hope I can make the 20:30 tonight on 28.375 will be my first attempt on 10 meters to make any contact

As for kits I have just got the norcal keyer or the 10 meter beacon and the crystal ( free sample from one of the major crystal mfg in the us) the norcal has a date of 93 when the kit came out — will be fun finishing this project — pics to follow in the next post

The next kit is the tenna dipper from kd1jv it’s from the 94 year mark I think !! Will be used out in the field and in te shack when I have to give the mfj antenna analyzer back ( I know it’s not a full blown ant analyzer but if I can save a few buck and have fun with a kit )

The final kit will be a rockmite 40 really want this to show up and really want to get this going so when I’m out of town I can have a little fun!!

Next on the list is a par end fed antenna — I’ll have to find a few extra pennies in the couch to buy this

Till next post plenty of pics and projects!!


Just a little keyer

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A while back I got a norcal 38 special — haven’t really been in the mood to work on it — I think the main chip may be bad no socket to pull the chip so I’m gonna have to use some de-solder braid to take it out. But it did come with a keyer chip — like the the ones ou can get from kanga I think it’s a tick2 was hoping it was a tick4 or the variation to the tick2 ( hoping it had the beacon mode but it does not!!)
But at any route I did look at the diagram and built it on some perf board and put in an altoids tin — my first altoids project!
Hope you enjoy the photos